whose idea was this?

Hello! Iā€™m Tara, the founder of Kitchen Table Projects.

I started Kitchen Table Projects by putting my two favourite things together: food and making things happen. Having successfully run my own food business, I know how challenging being a food entrepreneur can be! I also know how rewarding it is when you can make a living out of what you love. Wouldn't it be good if more people could have the opportunity to succeed?

I think having a great idea is the easy part. And having a fiery passion for what you really, really love doing isn't so hard either. What's tough when you're running a food business is figuring out what to do, how you're going to do it and who's going to help you get there.

Running a food business has its own industry specific problems too and not all startups are the same. Food entrepreneurs need something more focused on them and what keeps them awake at night. Something that really understands who they are, what they're all about and what they need to stand out.

Kitchen Table Projects is about giving food entrepreneurs the tools and opportunities to turn their visions into a reality.