andrea: the second half of the team

i know what it's like to starT a food business.

Four years ago I started The Tiny Tea Company with my mother. We were both really passionate about what we were doing but we only had a small budget so it was up to us to get everything done.

Picking out the tea blends was surprisingly easy. However, designing the packaging was a little more tricky. We knew nothing about business finance, law or regulations so we often got bogged down trying to figure everything out. Most importantly, finding a marketplace for our product was a much more difficult than we had ever imagined. Eventually, we couldn’t dedicate the time that the business needed and decided to call it a day.

When I first heard about Kitchen Table Projects, the first thing I thought was, “if only it had been around when we started The Tiny Tea Company!” The truth is that when you start your own business, you just want to do what you are passionate about but the amount of things you have to learn to succeed can often feel overwhelming, especially if you have no one to turn to for help. That’s why my passion now lies in helping other artisans reach their goals and spend everyday doing what they love.