What we learnt from our first #KTPtweetup

Last night, we held our very first #KTPtweetup. A tweetup is a real life gathering of a community that usually interact online. We all met at 6pm at Notes, Kings Cross and connected with one another, shook hands and shared hugs and chatted the night away!

It was great to be able to speak to everyone about what we're up to with our events, particularly since our Speed Mentoring event with Marks and Spencer is next Thursday. As it's such a fantastic opportunity limited to just 30 places, we really wanted to make sure that our favourite producers were in with a chance!

Here's a rundown of how it went and what we learnt that you can use as a guide for organising your own tweetup.

1. Use your network

A few people were asking how we organised everything with such short notice. We called all our foodie friends and asked them to come along. That's it! Tap into your community and bring them all together - meeting likeminded people is so useful and so much fun, everyone wanted to be involved.

2. We're going to need a bigger cafe...

When we had an incredible rate of signups from our Twitter community, we thought, hey, it's a free event. Not everyone's going to show, right? Well, guess what? Every single one (and more!) did! We were blown away by the strength of our community and how excited everyone was to interact, share and collaborate. Here's to us foodies! 

3. Research your venue...

Yeah. It's really obvious. But in the rush of things, we just didn't get round to talking to the venue about what to expect. They were pretty shocked to see so many people, all trying to cram into a space meant for a table for ten! 

4. Name tags! 

We made sure that everyone had their name tag on, which was so helpful. It was great to be able to put a face to all those Twitter handles and be able to find out their first names too!

5. Eventbrite is handy

We used Eventbrite to keep track of who was coming. As it was a free event, it didn't cost a thing and it was a real lifesaver for putting together nametags and measuring the success of our event.

6. Have a backup venue

It all got a little too warm and packed in at Notes, so we decided to wander on down to a wine bar nearby. We were lucky there was somewhere we could head to for more drinks and chatting! Make sure you know of somewhere else you can go to if your first venue doesn't work out.

Stay tuned for our next #KTPtweetup!