Jackie Marshall founded Maximising Marketing to help food and drink companies achieve the distribution they desire.  She has over two decades experience devising successful marketing strategies for food and drink brands such as Petits Filous, Frubes, Lindt Gold Bunny, Babybel, New Covent Garden Soup, Tyrell’s Crisps, Tracklement’s chutneys and Gale’s Honey. Jackie enjoys working with ambitious food and drink businesses of all sizes and is particularly enthusiastic about the current dynamic and exciting food scene which is opening up a whole new era of opportunities. 


Jackie's top tip

"Be prepared to listen with an open mind to different perspectives and then make the decision you feel is right for you. Be really clear and confident on why you are starting your venture and keep this strongly held belief close to you when times are tough as it will help you through. Enjoy your journey and take time to celebrate the successes along the way."