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Thanks for coming along to Speed Mentoring with M&S on 24th March! To help you with your action points, we asked our Speed Mentoring industry experts for something special to keep you on track. If you really clicked with one of our experts or you felt like you had so many questions that your 3 minutes just wasn't enough, this is the perfect opportunity to get a little bit more advice.

These offers are exclusive to our Speed Mentoring attendees so please make the most of them!

You can also try out a two week free trial and 10 additional calls, with no charges and instant set-up, with Moneypenny, an award winning PA service, by clicking here. Moneypenny gives you your own PA, someone you know and trust, to look after calls as if based in your office.

"Resilience, Resilience, Resilience. Decide on your business values and how you want to do business at an early stage and live these. Stay Focused."

1 hour business coaching session

Normally £150. Contact Philip to redeem. 


"Share everything exciting happening within your business through social media to start telling your brand story. This is a great way of building an engaged audience from day 1, who will be willing to share useful feedback and spread the word on your behalf."

Startup Coaching

Book today to redeem. Normally £225. Click here to find out more and redeem the offer. 

25% OFF

"Plan your sales company, who is doing what in sales and a strong launch program into shops- not just your launch party... Then spend some time getting your product ready to keep your sales company busy after launch."

1 hour Company Health Check

Find out where your business is at and how to develop it in the future. Normally £100. Email Marcus to redeem. 

50% off


"Make sure you have a plan for your business that you have written down - and set up a proper financial forecast as well!"

1 year mentoring program

Designed specifically for 1st time entrepreneurs, this course will teach you how to manage the finances of your business successfully. Contact Jennifer to redeem. 

20% off

"Do it properly. Ensure that there is interest in your product before embarking on great expenditure. Listen to others and take advice but also listen to yourself!"

2-3 hour consultation

Contact Clare to redeem.


"Be authentic, trying to be something you're not you will get caught out!"

Creative Workshop

Get a detailed picture of your brand, your competitors and put together a plan of action to take your brand to the next level. Contact Martyn to redeem. 

25% off


"As Seth Godin says ‘marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the story you tell’."

Join our online community

You can join The Food Hub here. 



How to find the right investors workshop

Attend this session at the British Library and save £25. Contact Paul to redeem. 

50% off


"Trust yourself to follow your convictions, but keep an open mind and listen hard.
Don't overthink anything, it's better to make mistakes by doing too much, than do nothing at all.

Brand Audit for Startups

Contact Jayne to redeem. 



"Be really clear and confident on why you are starting your venture and keep this strongly held belief close to you when times are tough as it will help you through."

30 minute Follow-Up Skype Consultation.

An opportunity to develop further thoughts in a more in-depth session. Available to first 5 people to apply. Contact Jackie to redeem.



"Having a great idea is the easy part. And having a fiery passion for what you really, really love doing isn't so hard either. What's tough when you're running a food business is figuring out what to do, how you're going to do it and who's going to help you get there."

Food Business Roadmap

Give your food business a clear direction and plan your strategy for success in this three hour session. Contact us to find out more. 



"At Moneypenny, we really do understand how important your calls are to your business."

Exclusive offer from Moneypenny

Moneypenny gives you your own PA, someone you know and trust, to look after calls as if based in your office.

Enjoy a two-week free trial and 10 additional calls, with no charges and instant set-up. Experience Moneypenny’s award-winning service and gain a key insight into the times your business needs support.

Click here to find out more. 


"Make sure you packaging and marketing are compliant with legislation so you don't compromise your integrity and your finances!"

Nutrition analysis & nutritional claims - free phone consultation.

Generate the nutritional information for your packaging for only £50 per product. Reduced rate available for multiple products. Contact Charlie to redeem


"No one is going to sell your product unless you do. Be proud of it and shout about it."

2 hour phone mentoring session

Email Vhari to redeem.



"This is one of innocent's tips - I'm sharing it with you: Show your food product to a granny. If they understand it, you're there! If they don't, start over! Keep your message simple. Find a clever phrase to explain your product - like Breckland Orchard's 'posh pop', so people can quickly understand what you are about."

1.5 hour phone consultation

Contact Tessa to redeem. Normally £250 per hour 

30 minutes free


Full business health check - 1 hour

Including a detailed report on the steps needed to make your business legal. Book online here.



"You need to work out how you're going to stand out from the crowd. Every touch point is an opportunity to do this and everything communicates."

Buy Ugly Drinks Online

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